Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010


5 facts abour you:
1.) This year has been one of the best in my life
2.) Not a day without chocolate
3.) I almost always wear warm colours
4.) Without my laptop i would be a different person
5.) I have the best people in my life

5 favourite foods:
1.) My own homemade soups
2.) My own homemade pizza
3.) Mummys pancakes
4.) Berrys
5.) Chips (:$)

5 things you cannot live without:
1.) Listening to music
2.) Drawing/designing/textile art
3.) My real, lovely friends
4.) Lovely messages
5.) Internet

5 things you would wear to a party:
1.) Black top
2.) High heels
3.) Grey/black cardigan
4.) Nice necklace
5.) Flower in my hair

Things you would say to 5 different people:
1.) You’re the most wonderful lady I know and I am proud that you are my best friend :)
2.) Distance apart made me realise I do value you as a friend.
3.) I hate you. I want you sad, and cold, and miserable.
4.) Oh daddy, if I could make you see if there’s been a fool around it’s got to be me
5.) You are the most wonderful man I’ve come to know. You’re the only person that sends me goodnight messages every night.

5 wishes:
1.) To be rich and live in a nice house
2.) To make a success out of my life
3.) A beautiful 2011
4.) To have a nice christmas
5.) Hmm... actually, i'm perfectly happy :)

5 colours:
1.) Black
2.) Rosé
3.) Light Blue
4.) Beige
5.) Grey

5 guilty pleasures:
1.) Yoghurt coated banana chips :|
2.) Katy Perry
3.) Sweets
4.) Disney
5.) X Diaries :|

Whats up white, cold world?

I heard santas comin to town... :)

Und was wünscht ihr euch unter den weihnachtsbaum?

Also ich bin mir da total unsicher :s



  1. eine eos 500d und mit etwas glück bekomme ich sie schon etwas früher :)
    dei blog ist wirklich schön

  2. ja weil bruce einfach geil ist. :D
    ja dir auch schöne weihnachten <3
    ich verfolg dich, toller blog!

  3. Jippie, du bist meine erste "Leserin". Danke dafür :)
    Dein Blog ist toll.

  4. Schöner Blog mit schönen Bildern.
    Schau mal vorbei :)
    Liebste Grüße.